Kent Deer Nuts Extruded Nuggets

Kent Nutrition Group Deer Nuts

The Savory Acorn Attractant 

It’s not crazy to think you’ll get more deer this season. It’s not insane to believe that a 12-point buck will soon be smiling at you … from over the fireplace. It is however, nuts. Deer Nuts. You could try hunting without them, but you’d be, well … nuts.

What’s a Deer Nut?

  • Revolutionary new extruded nugget that’s both a superior attractant and nutritional supplement
  • Savory acorn flavoring is enticing, tasty and irresistible to deer
  • Protein-packed to promote growth and antler development
  • Advanced extrusion technology makes it easier to eat and harder to dissolve in rain
  • Clog-resistant for spin, gravity and trough feeders and perfectly sized for tossing on the ground
  • Great protein supplement for high-fence/low-fence and breeder operations

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