Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional Consultation

Stoltzfus Feed & Supply is a leading provider of nutrition solutions for horses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We understand that proper nutrition is essential for the overall health and well-being of any horse. Our team has years of experience offering customized nutrition plans for horses of all breeds and ages, whether you have a high-performance athlete or a beloved companion.

Whether you're looking at feeding programs for general wellness, proper growth, increased activity level, reproductive issues, or solutions for specific conditions, such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s Disease, and Insulin Resistance; we are here to help!

We begin a tailored nutritional program with a complimentary farm visit:

• Evaluation of overall body condition & genetic disposition

• Analysis of forage quality and current feed program

• Understanding your horses’ workload and goals

• Discuss any metabolic or health concerns

We believe that a healthy horse is a happy horse, which is why we are committed to offering feeds that promote overall health, vitality, and wellbeing. We offer a variety of equine nutritional products from quality manufacturers that have proven research and science behind their formulations.

Let us help your equine reach their genetic potential, call us today to set up a farm call!

Wendy Martin, Equine and Farm Sales Specialist: (717) 945-3603
Robert Croteau, Professional/Racing Account Manager: (717) 808-6260