J & D Wood Beaver Shavings

J & D Wood

J & D Wood, Inc. manufactures shavings directly from select pine trees. All of our shavings are manufactured from Certified managed forests. Logs are processed on custom made shaving machines. The shaving machines produce a medium size flake that is extremely thin and fluffy. They are conveyed directly into computer controlled, triple pass, rotary dryers. Each dryer is powered by a 30 million Btu burner. These burners are fueled solely by the dust that is screened from our product. The amount of heat that the shavings are submitted to not only dries the product down to normally less than 10% in moisture content, it also removes any harmful bacteria. Our shavings are monitored and have been tested for salmonella and other things that could harm your animals.

Once the shavings leave the dryer they are double screened. The first screen removes splinters, bark or any other large particles. The second screen removes virtually all dust from the shavings. The shavings are then conveyed directly to the bagging stations and to storage bins. The shavings that will be bagged are done so immediately in UVI treated poly bags that are heat sealed. These bags are 100% recyclable. The bags are then stacked on pallets and stretch wrapped. We stack every bag of shavings by hand so that we can assure every bag that leaves our facility is inspected for quality. This, along with outstanding customer service, is what provides you with the best manufactured shavings on the market today... Quality Pine Bedding

The standard bag of shavings is a highly compressed bag. A computer controlled automatic bagger compresses 11 cubic ft. of product into a 3.0 cubic ft. bag. When opened, the shavings expand to 9.0 cubic ft. or more. Normal loads consist of 1170 bags, palletized and stretch wrapped.

The standard load of bulk shavings is 100 cubic yards of product that is dumped from the storage bins into one of our live bottom trailers.

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