Best Friend GrazeMore Light-Weight Grazing Muzzle (Pony)

Best Friend Equine Supply

The GrazeMore Lightweight Grazing Muzzle features an all-in-one design that eliminates the need to use a halter, allowing for ease of use. Lighter in weight than other Best Friend muzzles, it ensures comfort for your horse. Constructed with larger openings for easy breathing and slightly more grass intake, this muzzle ensures horses can have adequate airflow as they graze, drink, and play in the pasture. A thick bottom guarantees durability for even the most aggressive eaters, as the Best Friend design limits grass intake to keep them from overindulging. The roomy fit is comfortable for chewing and unrestricted drinking as the inclusion of a velcro breakaway closure piece ensures your furry friend can get out of a tricky situation if need be. Adjustable throughout, you can easily find the best fit for any horse.

Key Features

  • All-In-One Grazing Muzzle/Halter
  • Lighter Weight for Equine Comfort
  • Larger Openings for Air Flow
  • 1" x 2" Hole for Grazing
  • Thick Bottom for Durability
  • Roomy Fit
  • Velcro Closure Piece
  • Adjustable Throughout
  • Weight: 1.5lbs (Horse Size) 

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