American Wood Fibers Ultra Premium White Pine Pellets

American Wood Fibers

Our softwood pellets produced from Eastern White Pine out-perform pellets from other softwood species such as Southern Yellow Pine. Use them in freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces and boilers.


Latest in processing technology ensures pellets burn longer and hotter, with 348,000 BTUs per bag on average.


Ultra-premium softwood pellets produce half the ash, and have little to no clinkers in the burn pot compared to most other fuel pellets.


The price of biomass fuel is remarkably stable—unlike oil and natural gas—so you avoid unexpected price hikes that can ruin your heating budget.


Great for any pellet stove. Open bag and fill the pellet hopper with pellets. Enjoy the steady warmth and heat that American Wood Fibers Pellets offer. Add pellets as needed to keep your stove burning. Your pellets will burn for two to 12 hours depending on the capacity of your pellet tray.


The Pellet Fuels Institute evaluates and grades pellet fuel to ensure that consumers can make informed decisions about purchasing pellet fuel. American Wood Fibers is proud to be one of the first pellet suppliers to achieve certification for consistent, reliable, and high-quality bagged fuel pellets under the new, more stringent standards program.

American Wood Fibers Certification under the New Pellet Fuels Institute Standards Program