A & E Cage Smakers Vita Herbal Grandmas Patch (2 Pack)

A&E Cage Company

Smakers Vita Herbal is a 100% god-free treat perfect for any rodent and rabbit. In grandma's patch, our little pet will find tasty carrots and beets, all sprinkled with parsley and dandelion. The presence of vegetables will enrich the diet with valuable vitamins and beta carotenes. Parsley, on the other hand, is an excellent source of vitamin C, and alfalfa is a valuable source of protein. Smakers Vita Herbal is the same health, and its hard structure additionally cares for the teeth, supporting their regular abrasion.


Complimentary treat to be served with food and water.


Ingredients: Alfalfa Meal (40%), Pea Flour, Dried Beetroot (15%), Dried Carrot (15%), Dried Parsley Stalk (2.5%), Dried Dandelion Leaf (2.5%).


Guaranteed analysis: Crude Protein (Kjeldahl method) min. 12.8%, Crude Fat min. 0%, Crude Fiber max. 10.75%, Crude Ash max. 6.12%, Phosphorus min. 0.14%, Phosphorus max. 0.74%, Calcium min. 0.02%, Calcium max. 0.92%, Humidity max. 12%.


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