Nutritional Consultation Available

The good news is that today there is a growing selection of equine nutritional programs and supplements available. The even better news is that now there is a knowledgeable and objective source to help owners and their veterinarians sort through all the options — and make decisions best suited to the needs of individual horses.

Equine Nutrition Data Service — ENDS — a service of Stoltzfus Feed & Supply, provides a full spectrum of nutritional advisory services. Beginning with an evaluation of a horse’s overall condition and a third-party analysis of the horse’s environment and current feed source, the ENDS process extends through carefully tailored nutritional recommendations and follow-up evaluations. 

Recommendations based on science and vast experience, not on captive brand names

A point of pride at Stoltzfus Feed & Supply is the wide selection of feed and supplement choices we offer. Having that scope of choices available means that the recommendations ENDS provides are guided by objective criteria, and not influenced by, or limited to, a narrow choice among just certain brands or products.

Both owners and veterinarians are assured of unbiased recommendations driven by the specific needs of an individual horse and based on a carefully structured evaluation process.

Nutritional Answers for General Wellness or to Address Specific Conditions

ENDS provides owners and equine practitioners with nutritional guidance for the specific needs of an individual horse. Those needs may range from growth, activity or reproductive issues to such conditions as Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s Disease, Insulin Resistance and others.

ENDS works in consultation with vets following a referral or directly with owners.